Ten Songs to get comfy with in December


Warm socks, a roaring fire, and good music can make all the difference in the wintry month of December.  But what happens when our favorite socks get worn down and our classic music turns stale?  Right about this time, the traditional holiday playlist starts to turn us into Scrooge rather than Santa, unless you are Stephanie Brehm.  My wife can […]

Ten Songs to Scream about in October


Science has determined your heartbeat mimics the music you listen to, but the good news is, it might also mean music is the best way to calm the savage beast within.  Somebody call the werewolf!  Before you jump in the Mystery Van, be aware that while your heart is beating to one drum, the neural circuits in your mind could be stuck […]

Ten Songs to Smile about in September


Music mirrors our culture and our culture changes with the seasons.  The month of September hosts the date for the Autumnal Equinox (the official beginning of Fall), which inspires both profound songwriting and balancing eggs on hard surfaces. Sports fans will tell you the Fall represents football season, but the musical community considers the Fall to be songwriting season.  While […]